Seven Days in Affordable Productivity

Discover how the Yale MX delivers affordable productivity seven days a week.

Pete's Productive Monday

Liam's Low Cost Tuesday

Eric's Ergonomic Wednesday

Rama’s Reliable Thursday

Sue’s Supported Friday

Mike’s Maintained Saturday

Tracy’s Trusted Sunday

Productive Monday

Pete didn’t like Mondays.

He is a conscientious guy and likes his job, but the forklift trucks that he used to drive at his place of work limited his productivity.

This was because the trucks made load handling difficult, were uncomfortable, constantly needed servicing and felt unstable when driving over uneven ground in the yard.

This ruined Pete’s Monday and the rest of his week. In fact, not being able to be productive at work bothered him so much so he was unable to enjoy taking his motorbike out at the weekend.

But now Pete drives a Yale MX.

He is more productive thanks to electronically controlled powershift transmissions, long service intervals and the ability to drive over uneven ground thanks to the Continuous Stability Enhancement (CSE) system.

Now Pete is far more relaxed and loves taking his motorbike out.

Now Pete loves Monday.

Low Cost Tuesday

Liam didn’t like Tuesdays.

In his job as a purchasing manager he carries a lot of responsibility. He once decided to buy some very low-cost forklift trucks - they seemed like a good deal at the time.

But, the trucks’ lifetime cost spiralled out of control, they drank fuel at an alarming rate and their poor quality soon showed. His decision haunted him and every Tuesday he would dread doing that week’s finances.

Then Liam purchased a small fleet of Yale MX counterbalance trucks.

Now he saves money day after day. He was able to choose from a variety of flexible finance options and he only pays for the features that he needs. What’s more, he also finds the dealer supportive and responsive when it comes to maintenance.

He is so much more relaxed now and can enjoy his role as a treasurer at a local charity.

Now Liam loves Tuesday.

Ergonomic Wednesday

Eric didn’t like Wednesdays.

The forklift trucks he used to drive at work left him with aches and pains.

The excessive noise and vibrations from the truck left him feeling tired and irritable. The forklift was also really awkward to get in and out of. By the time Wednesday came around he would be too exhausted to play with his children.

Now Eric has a Yale MX.

Things are different with the Yale MX. Eric enjoys driving it and even feels a connection to the machine.

His new truck is designed in a manner that reduces noise and vibrations, there is plenty of room within the cab and it is easy to get in and out of.

Eric comes home from work full of energy and enjoys time with his family.

Now Eric loves Wednesday.

Reliable Thursday

Rama didn’t like Thursdays.

As warehouse manager one of her many responsibilities is making sure that the forklifts her company use are up and running.

However, the forklift trucks that they previously used were unreliable and spent a lot of time in the repair bay.

By Thursday, the stress of her responsibilities was getting too much. So much so that she couldn’t even enjoy the long country walks she used to take.

Then Rama’s company got a small fleet of Yale MX counterbalance trucks.

The Yale MX trucks that her company uses are reliable and built for businesses with standard to demanding materials handling workloads.

Now Rama can relax and thoroughly enjoys getting out into the countryside.

Now Rama loves Thursdays.

Supported Friday

Sue didn’t like Fridays.

She is the company’s maintenance manager and whether it is a piece of manufacturing equipment or a building she has to make sure that it is running smoothly.

But with the previous fleet of forklift trucks she used to manage she felt all alone in her responsibilities. There was limited support from the dealer or the manufacturer.

This got her down so much that by Friday she couldn’t even enjoy seeing her friends and her normally active social life.

Now Sue’s company has the Yale MX.

Sue has a great relationship with Briggs Equipment, the exclusive dealer for Yale in the UK. They respond rapidly to call-outs, are highly reliable and provide competitively priced maintenance contracts.

Now Sue can enjoy relaxing with her friends over the weekend.

Now Sue loves Friday.

Maintained Saturday

Mike didn't like Saturdays.

He’s a maintenance supervisor and has a broad range of roles, meaning that he is always pushed for time.

One thing eating into his time was the fleet of unreliable forklift trucks that he had to manage. They all seemed to be suffering from one fault or another.

This affected Mike so much that he couldn’t even enjoy doing up his vintage car at the weekend because he would be worried about the week ahead.

Now Mike manages a fleet of Yale MX trucks.

The Yale MX is built with hard-wearing and well designed components which require less frequent maintenance. When they do need maintaining the engine is easily accessible truck’s LCD panel provides maintenance alerts.

Now Mike can relax and spend the time doing up his vintage car at the weekend.

Mike now loves Saturday.

Trusted Sunday

Tracy didn’t like Sundays.

As a business manager she has a lot of people that she needs to keep happy and is accountable for the successes and failures of the company.

There was a period though where she totally lost trust in the fleet of forklift trucks her company was using. The trucks’ excessive downtime and poor handling was directly impacting productivity. This kept her up at night and ruined her Sunday as she would be dreading the week ahead.

Now Tracy’s business has the Yale MX.

Trust is the first thing that comes to mind when she thinks about the Yale MX, the dealer who supports it and the brand as a whole.

She knows that the trucks won’t let her down; as a result she now looks forward to the week ahead and can sleep easily at night.

Tracy now loves Sunday.

The Yale MX, as productive as they come. See why below.

MX advantage 1:

The adjustable steering column, hydraulic levers and all other controls are intuitive to use, ergonomic in design, and responsive to the driver’s wishes.

MX advantage 2:

An uncluttered view through the mast helps the driver to position the truck and its load precisely and quickly.

MX advantage 3:

The long service intervals for planned maintenance (500 hours for diesel engines, 300 hours for LPG) provide the Yale MX with maximum uptime, ensuring it can be productive for longer.

MX advantage 4:

The Yale MX comes with a Continuous Stability Enhancement system (CSE). This gives the operators more confidence when cornering or travelling over uneven surfaces, enabling them to be more productive as a result.

The Yale MX, as productive as they come. See why below.

MX advantage 1:

Rapid response from the dealer, together with long service intervals and quick maintenance procedures, further reduces downtime and its related costs.

MX advantage 2:

The engines of the Yale MX, a Yanmar 4TNE92 2.6 litre diesel engine or a PSI 4 cylinder 2.4 litre LPG model, ensure efficient fuel usage.

MX advantage 3:

Briggs Equipment are the exclusive UK distributor of the Yale MX and can work with you to tailor a financial option to your needs.

MX advantage 4:

All the features that you need and only the features that you need, ensure excellent value for money.

The Yale MX, as productive as they come. See why below.

MX advantage 1:

The cab is designed with drivers in mind. Entry and exit is easy and fast thanks to a low step, wide opening and practical hand grip.

MX advantage 2:

Drivers benefit from the spacious cab which provides plenty of room for operators of all shapes and sizes.

MX advantage 3:

The isolated powertrain, which suppresses noise and vibration, and the adjustable steering column combine to increase operator comfort.

MX advantage 4:

The operator has instant access to information thanks to a display panel which shows when the forklift is due for maintenance and provides a reminder to wear a seatbelt.

The Yale MX, as productive as they come. See why below.

MX advantage 1:

The Yale MX is reliable, reducing downtime that impacts on the cost of ownership.

MX advantage 2:

The Yale MX is made to the high Yale quality standards and durable, field proven materials.

MX advantage 3:

The tried and tested PSI 2.4L LPG and Yanmar 2.6L diesel engines are efficient and reliable.

MX advantage 4:

The Yale MX has low maintenance needs. It has long planned service intervals and is easy and fast to service thanks to easy engine access.

The Yale MX, as productive as they come. See why below.

MX advantage 1:

Briggs Equipment, the Yale exclusive distributor, shares the manufacturer’s commitment to high-quality service and rapid supply of parts.

MX advantage 2:

The Briggs Equipment network extends across the UK. Wherever you are help is always at hand, and Briggs always aim for a three-hour callout time.

MX advantage 3:

Briggs Equipment are agile, flexible and friendly. Their staff work closely with you to provide the intelligent solutions that your business needs.

MX advantage 4:

Planned maintenance and emergency support from Briggs Equipment is attractively priced, ensuring that you can keep your trucks running.

The Yale MX, as productive as they come. See why below.

MX advantage 1:

The hard-wearing and well designed components of the Yale MX means that the truck requires less frequent maintenance.

MX advantage 2:

The wide-opening engine cover and other simplified access features mean that service engineers can reach components quickly, reducing time taken for servicing and repairs.

MX advantage 3:

The truck’s LCD panel reminds maintenance managers when the truck is next due for a service.

MX advantage 4:

The LCD panel displays transmission, oil and coolant temperatures, engine oil pressure, alternator status and other indicators. If anything should go wrong the fault is identified clearly by the panel.

The Yale MX, as productive as they come. See why below.

MX advantage 1:

A trusted brand Yale has a long and illustrious history, with over 140 years in the materials handling business.

MX advantage 2:

The Yale MX is true to the Yale brand. Core Yale DNA runs through it, DNA that makes it high quality, durable and helps you and your people be productive.

MX advantage 3:

Yale quality is evident through the durability, efficiency, ergonomic design and the agility with which the truck handles.

MX advantage 4:

The Yale MX is backed by Briggs Equipment. The exclusive Yale dealership in the UK, Briggs share the Yale commitment to quality and care, helping your business succeed.

The Yale MX Series of counterbalance trucks deliver the levels of productivity you expect from Yale, in an affordable new range with lifting capacities up to three tonnes.

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Affordable productivity.

Supported productivity.

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